Penis Extension

Saturday, June 12, 2010 11:27

I bet you have heard about penis extension. Beyond no doubt you know about different tools that help men solve one of their most delicate problems, i.e. small penis. But, touching upon the problem of penis extension, how not to make a mistake and to make the right choice? How to differentiate products that really work from scam?

Properly speaking, our task today is to discuss the technique of penis extension and to review the products available on the market of penis enlargement.

Well, a word may be said about a penis extension device. In fact, it is a tube-like tool that you wear on the penis. Since the device is based on the principle of stretching, it will result in adding length to your penis. More importantly, not only does your penis add in length, it also adds in girth. Sounds very tempting, doesn’t it? Actually, this principle is used to help people who have one limb shorter than the other.

You might ask what makes penis extenders different from penis pumps. Honestly speaking, pumps, unlike penis extenders, do not give permanent results. They do not add inches to your penis as well.

You don’t know how long you have to wear the device? First of all, if you buy a high quality extender, like the Size Genetics, for example, detailed instructions will answer all the questions of yours. But, in general, it is recommended to wear it for about half a year to obtain the maximum results. Do not get scared! Time flies and the results remain permanent, that’s the main gain.

Some men complain that they do not feel comfortable when they have to wear their penis extender under clothing. Of course, this is the biggest inconvenience. Well, it seems, there is a way out of it – you may wear it just before or after going to work or even when you sleep!

There are so many discussions when it comes to the question of the most efficient penis enlargement techniques and devices. In this article we will try to look at the most wide-spread methods, just to give you a full picture of the products that are supposed to make your penis bigger. And it will be up to you to make a decision.

Well, to start with, we shall discuss male enhancement pills. It should be mentioned that they have gained enormous popularity, but not because of the fact that they do increase the penis size and girth, but because they are heavily advertised. What else makes them so attractive? Guess what? – Right! They are easy to use!

What is next on the list? Penis extenders. These gadgets are gaining more and more popularity for many reasons. First of all, according to the opinions of many men, penis extenders show the most significant results; secondly, they are heavily advertised, too. Are there any pitfalls? There are, if you come across poorly made models or cheap imitations.

The price can be a problem, too, because penis extenders vary from to $200 to $600. But when it comes down to health and new sensations in your sexual life, it is worth it, doesn’t it?

As for penis pumps, there are more disadvantages than advantages to them. Originally they were developed as tools to cure impotence and this is still their main objective. You can’t expect permanent growth from penis pumps, it is a sure fact. Taking all this into account, you’d better avoid using penis pumps for penis enlargement.

And last but not least, penis enlargement exercises. In the opinion of many clients, it is much better to combine penis exercises with a more effective system, for example penis extenders. Only then you are sure to obtain the maximum and permanent results.

So, what is your decision?

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